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Editor-in-Chief: Howard Megdal

Managing Editor: Bria Felicien

Contributing Editor: Penny Guevara

Social Media Editor: Bela Kirpalani

WNBA beat writers: Natalie Heavren (Sun), Jackie Powell (Liberty), Ben Rosof (Fever), Bailey Johnson (Dream), Derek James (Storm), David Yapkowitz (Sparks), Ben Dull (Aces), Kim Doss/Brendon Kleen (Mercury), Jenn Hatfield (Mystics), Nick Niendorf (Sky), Drew Ivery (Wings), Katie Davidson (Lynx)

Contributors: Erica L. Ayala, Kurtis Zimmerman, Arielle Chambers, Dorothy Gentry, Ben Dull, Matt Ward, Alexis Mansanarez, Mitchell Northam, Christine M. Hopkins, Lauren Rosenberg, Scott Mammoser, Todd Goclowski, Pepper Persley

Photographers: Domenic Allegra, Chris Poss